The membership of Grace Community Church of Ormond Beach, Florida is made up of men, women, boys and girls of all ages.

We meet on Thursdays for a Pot Luck Supper where we join  together for a meal.  Just like it says Pot-Luck.  Without a whole lot of planning  we have been putting together meals   by each one bringing in a dish to share.  Thursdays are a great day to really get to know  others in the congregation.  It is a time that nurtures community.  We often share topics that need to be covered in prayer. What a blessing,  what a comfort comes from praying together and praying one for another. 
Small Group - Thursday night Bible Study.  We have a group going through a basic study on the "Biblical Beliefs of Christian Faith,  A Study In Grace Brethren Doctrine" Our leader  has a real love for the scriptures and enjoys leading this adult class through chapters on  the word of God, Man: Fallen & Forgiven, and How to know You're Going to Heaven.  During the sessions we start with  prayer, then a devotion and move on to sharing a  life story by one of the class members.  We  then delve into  thought provoking questions from our work book and take time to listen to others as we discuss when and how the scriptures  influence our lives.

Thursdays are truly a faith building time as we work through interesting topics. 
Sunday mornings at 9:15 we meet for Sunday School with Pastor Seth.  He  brings lessons from the Bible that are encouraging and thought provoking.  It's in Sunday School that we take the time to  understand and learn to apply the scripture to our daily living. We take time to discover just what principles are found  in the scripture.  We believe that all scripture is God -Breathed and useful for daily living and that by living them, we show our appreciation for what Christ has done for us.      
We call it a Worship Celebration at Grace Community, when we meet Sunday morning  for a Church Service at 10:30 . We worship by singing praises, worship through giving  and all the while concentrate on our Savior the Lord Jesus Christ.    We have  a wonderful joyful time as we praise the Living God . And we don't neglect the hymnal.  Selections are made to enhance the service  with music that has rung true over the years.   Our Pastor brings a message, to inspire us, teach us, and demonstrate through scripture just how we may be connected to the word of the Lord. 
We encourage one another as  to reach out to the community and share more about Jesus and the reason we love Him so.  If you look at our church calendar you will see weekly meetings and special events  planned to promote Christ in our community.  We strive as a congregation to join together in the work of sharing the gospel message at home and across the world. There is a scripture found in Proverbs, 27:17 " As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another". So we are linked together in service lifting one another up in prayer and encouragement.   Moreover as individuals, we strive to share Christ, in the rhythm of daily living., following principles learned and demonstrating them.
Friend, as you have look over our web pages we pray what you see there is inspiring and motivational.   It is our desire that our congregation grow, and we want you to be a part of it.  If you have come to the place where you feel a yearning to be used by God, as part of our congregation we certainly welcome you to visit and be our guest..   We look forward to meeting you. 

Scripture says,  " Taste and see that the Lord is good…Psalms 34:8"  Do join us!

If you have any questions
feel free to contact me.  

Pastor Seth Tweeddale