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We meet on Thursdays 6-7:30pm together for a fellowship meal, prayer time & devotion. Each family brings a dish to share. Thursdays are a day to  know  and pray for one another.  It is a time that nurtures community. We strive to create a Biblical storyboard, a narrative that reflects His Glory and reveals His authorship upon our everyday lives.
Sunday mornings at 9:15 we meet for Sunday School. We pray & expositorily study from the Bible.  It's in Sunday School that we take the time to  understand and learn to apply the scripture to our daily living. We believe that all scripture is God -Breathed and useful for daily living and that by living them, we show our appreciation for what Christ has done for us.      
We call it a Worship Celebration at Grace Community, when we meet Sunday mornings  for a Church Service at 10:30 . We worship by singing praises & hymns, worship through giving  and all the while concentrate on our Savior the Lord Jesus Christ. Our Pastor brings a message, to inspire us, teach us, and demonstrate through scripture just how we may be connected to the word of the Lord. 


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