Grace Community Church is a member of the Charis Fellowship, known before 2018 as the  Fellowship of Grace Brethren Churches (FGBC), which is a voluntary group of theologically conservative churches sharing common doctrinal beliefs. The worldwide Grace Brethren movement includes over 1300 churches in the USA, Canada, Europe, and a heavy concentration in central Africa. FGBC is technically not a denomination in that it does not operate under a hierarchal structure and attracts students from a wide variety of theological backgrounds, both Calvinist and Arminian. Although our doctrinal beliefs are very similar to conservative Baptist denominations, we have ordinances that make us unique because of our Brethren/Pietistic background. If you examine our doctrinal statement you will discover the following elements:


  • Calvinistic theology that is non-charismatic

  • Pietistic with an emphasis on a living faith and holy lifestyle

  • Anabaptist with only professing believers partaking of ordinances

  • Dispensational in our view of Israel and the Church

  • Pre-tribulational and pre-millennial in our view of the end times


Please visit www.fgbc.org for more info.